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Singing & Piano teaching

Laurence runs a private teaching studio, as well as working as a visiting music teacher at Kings High School in Warwick, where he teaches both singing and piano.

In 2020, he recorded much of the (no longer current) ABRSM piano syllabus, which I hope was of some help both to my own students and to others.

"As a teacher, I am always looking to understand the student’s own experience of music and their reasons for having lessons in the first place. I am more convinced than ever that a teacher cannot learn the instrument for the student. What I can do as a teacher is be open to the student’s outlook and, through sharing enjoyment and enthusiasm, help students sustain and grow their own love of music. A feeling of achievement, however small, gives students ownership of their musical journey and builds that confidence which is not only crucial to musical performance, but a vital tool as they begin to take their place within the world."

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Initial playlist (all pieces)

A1 - A Marching Tune (Parke)

A2 - Gavotte in G (Praetorius)

A3 - This Old Man (Trad. arr. Blackwell)

B1 - The Lost Bone (Adair)

B2 - Under the Acacia Tree (Armstong)

B3 - Dialogue (Bartók)

C1 - Dodgems (Bullard)

C2 - The Elephant Parade (Iles)

C3 - Medvídek Ušáček (Loudová)

Grade 1 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - A Toy (Anon.)

A2 - Minuet in C (Mozart)

A3 - Parson's Farewell (Trad. arr. Blackwell)

B1 - Melodie (Schumann)

B2 - The Swing (Tan)

B3 - Down by the salley gardens (Trad. arr. Blackwell)

C1 - Cockatoo (Milne)

C2 - Szöcske (Papp)

C3 - The Detective (Wedgwood)

Grade 2 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Allegro (Attwood)

A2 - Minuet in A (Gambarini)

A3 - Ecossaise in G (Haessler)

B1 - The first flakes are falling (Madden)

B2 - Le chant du pâtre (Plé)

B3 - O Waly Waly (Trad. arr. Davies)

C1 - March Hare (Chapple)

C2 - Angelfish (Gaudet)

C3 - Inter-City Stomp (Norton)

Grade 3 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Ecossaise (Beethoven)

A2 - Innocence (Bergmueller)

A3 - Gavotte in G (Handel)

B1 - Salut d'amour (Elgar arr. Jones)

B2 - Andante (Haydn arr. White)

B3 - Anastasia (McDonagh)

C1 - Disco Baroque (Bullard)

C2 - Riding the Hobby-Horse (Grechaninov)

C3 - Scary Stuff (Watts)

Grade 4 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Prelude in C minor (Bach)

A2 - Etude in A minor (Kabalevsky)

A3 - Minuet & Trio (Schubert)

B1 - Moonbeams (Arens)

B2 - Miniature Pastoral (Bridge)

B3 - Ester Verlust (Schumann)

C1 - Teasing Song (Bartók)

C2 - I hear what you say (Crosland)

C3 - Shark Soup (Wedgwood)

Grade 5 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - La Chevalresque (Burgmueller)

A2 - Presto (Arne)

A3 - Toccata in G minor (Handel)

B1 - Arctic Night (Beach)

B2 - Starry Dome (Nevada)

B3 - Douce rêverie (Tchaikovsky)

C1 - Mister Trumpet Man (Gillock)

C2 - Changing Times (Hammond)

C3 - Tarantella (Prokofiev)

Grade 6 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Allegro (Pescetti)

A2 - Allegro (Mozart)

A3 - Snurretoppen (Nielsen)

B1 - Mazurka in G minor (Chopin)

B2 - Page d'album (Debussy)

B3 - Erster Schmerz (Senfter)

C1 - Opening Night Jazz (Mier)

C2 - The Buccaneer (Arnold)

C3 - Lavender Field (Tanaka)

Grade 7 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Sinfonia no.15 in B minor (Bach)

A2 - Bagatelle in Eb (Beethoven)

A3 - Vivace (Telemann)

B1 - Andante moderato (Fauré)

B2 - Sarabande (Grieg)

B3 - Cradle Song (Hongjin)

C1 - Pink Minor (Dring)

C2 - Le petit âne blanc (Ibert)

C3 - The therapy of moonlight (Samuel)

Grade 8 playlist (all pieces)

A1 - Fantasia in C minor (Bach)

A2 - Allegro Moderato (Haydn)

A3 - Prelude and Fugue in Bb (Clara Schumann) 

A4 - Prelude and Fugue in G (Bach)

A6 - Prelude and Allegro (Fuga) (Handel)

B1 - Intermezzo in E (Brahms)

B2 - Air (Hopekirk)

B3 - Nouvelette (Poulenc)

C1 - Rondo (Bartók)

C2 - Jingo (Norton)

C3 - Snow, moon and flowers (Sculthorpe)

C6 - Rêverie (Debussy)

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