Laurence specialised in tonal composition as an undergraduate at Cambridge University and has maintained an active interest in writing music. In the pipeline is a recording project which will include his arrangements of Prokofiev for 5-part brass and ska band, and also a short opera. Below are some extracts of some works which have already been recorded.

Overture/Silence and Motion/Find your Way: Based on music taken from the popular Final Fantasy video game series, this set of three arrangements set the music for eight voices, using Latin text from the book of Revelation.

i carry you heart: A setting of e e cummings’s famous poem, this was written for my wedding day in September 2016.

The Broom and the Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs: A setting of the poem by Edward Lear for tenor, piano and trombone.

Mauve over Crimson: This sets two alternating and gradually developing themes, scored for string quartet.